What is an Inventory? A detailed document that comprises a record of the accessible parts of a property as well as the fixtures, fittings and contents included in the tenancy. It covers details of walls, windows, ceilings, woodwork, floor coverings, kitchen cupboards and appliances, sanitary ware, tiling, plugs and sockets together with a condition record against each item. In the event that no inventory has been compiled, or that it is inadequate and insufficient then there will be no legal record of the condition of the property or a record of its contents.


What is an Inventory 'Update'? Where ATD have prepared the original inventory an ‘Update’ can be prepared at the termination of a tenancy in readiness for any new tenancy about to start. The charge for such is less than the original preparation of the inventory. Please contact us to confirm the charge involved.


What is a Check in? This takes place at the start of your tenancy. ATD Limited will be instructed to meet the tenant on the day the tenancy starts in order to go through the inventory with the tenant pointing out any defects recorded and agreeing the content. ATD will also record gas and electric meter readings where accessible and advise the tenant of their responsibilities during the tenancy. Once agreed the document will be signed by ATD and the tenant.


What is a Check Out? This takes place on the final day of the tenancy and involves meeting the tenant at the property with the inventory signed at the start of the tenancy in order to compare the condition from ‘start to end’ of the tenancy. Any dilapidations, damage, missing items and cleaning where applicable is noted and relevant digital photographs taken. The Report incorporating the information is usually supplied within 24 hours to enable any deductions to be made from the deposit if applicable.

What is a Periodic Management Visit? This involves attending the property during the course of a tenancy in order to inspect and advise on the general condition at the time of visit and to establish if there appear to be any readily apparent damage or difficulty as well as specified repairs or maintenance. NB: This is not a survey of the property or a check of the inventory contents however these can be tailored to meet specific requests.


ATD strongly believes in traditional methods of inventory preparation. As no two properties or their owners are ever identical, requirements often vary. We believe that inventories should be compiled individually and not using a piece of ‘inflexible’ hardware where everything is ‘pigeonholed’ A homeowner letting out his own fully furnished home because he is working or travelling overseas may have a completely different criteria to a landlord or property company holding a portfolio of unfurnished flats. ATD can tailor the contents to meet you individual needs